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As a professional tile artist, Carolyn Payne has been involved in countless commercial tile art projects in Kansas City over the past 28 years. From children’s playground areas and shopping centers, to entry way murals and public community centers, Carolyn has had a hand in it all.

One of her favorite projects however would probably have to be donor walls. As a medium that allows a business or organization to recognize those who have made contributions for a particular purpose, donor walls have become a popular request from commercial clientele. When clients come to Carolyn with their donor wall design ideas, she then combines names with colorful hand painted ceramic tiling to add color and interest for the viewer. The donor wall mural then quickly becomes a work of art, expressing the full vision of the client.

Contact Carolyn today and begin a conversation about your donor wall design ideas and allow her the opportunity to make them come to life!


Commercial Work

Donor Walls

Hand painted ceramic tile makes an excellent choice to add color and interest to a donor wall!
Listening to the client’s ideas and thoughts is the first step in the process. Carolyn then transforms them into sketches for further review.

A donor tile mural wall becomes a work of art when the names are artfully incorporated visually around an art theme that expresses the vision of the client.
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